Society in our Hands

At dentsu, we recognise that the digital economy is having a big impact on society and is set to transform the future. By acknowledging society as a key stakeholder in how we run our business, we accept responsibility to help drive meaningful change.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is a key way in which we contribute to society. This year we’ve increased our focus on CSR and the commitment from the business to driving our CSR program. We have committed to having a positive impact on the communities around us.

As the pace of technological capability and adoption increases, there is the increased likelihood that those with lesser access to the benefits of technology will get left behind. We want to use our skills to bridge the divide caused by the growth of the digital economy, with a particular focus on disadvantaged youth and children.

We want to be part of a digital economy that works for all.
Our CSR Strategy: Form long-term partnerships that give our people the opportunity to give back through skilled volunteering, with a focus on helping young people skill up for the digital economy. 

Society In Our Hands

One Day for Change

One Day for Change is dentsu’s annual volunteering initiative which has been running for five consecutive years. On one day each year, our 33,000+ staff across APAC, including nearly 200 staff in New Zealand, unite to spend their work time volunteering to help people in need across the communities in which we operate.

In 2018 in NZ, our staff partnered with Pomaria Primary School and Auckland Girls Grammar to inspire students to realise their full potential.

In 2019 we sent teams into a number of low decile high schools to provide digital literacy and future career pathway training, along with digital upskilling in Metlifecare retirement villages.

We also recently launched the 'One Day More' initiative that provides our staff the opportunity to spend another day in the community supporting a cause they are personally passionate about.

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Improving society for everyone

Graeme Dingle Foundation Partnership

Our partnership with the Graeme Dingle Foundation has resulted in a number of different initiatives including a 13 weeks Career Navigator programme with Auckland Girls Grammar School, Project K mentoring, and fundraising through Drop Your Boss. We are proud of the partnership and passionate about supporting youth development.

Auckland Homeless Count

We partnered with Wise Group to conduct the first Auckland-wide Homeless Count covering nearly 5,000 square km's with over 600 volunteers. We were responsible for all event management, corporate partnerships, communication, and media relations generating $1.5m in PR value.

Movember Partnership

We have worked closely with the Movember Foundation for nearly ten years driving all communications activity for them in the NZ market. This has seen us create some of NZ's most awarded campaigns and generated record breaking participation and donation results for this great cause.

Operating better in the digital economy

Digital skills

We're sharing our skills and capabilities with both ends of the age spectrum, supporting the next generation to grow their knowledge and find roles in our industry, and educating seniors to become more digitally literate so technology doesn't overtake them.

Tomorrow's leaders

We're mentoring young women through our partnership with the Graeme Dingle Foundation to create career pathways and opportunities for all of society.

Digital for society

We're transforming the role of brands in the digital economy, creating richer human experiences that build awareness, trust and better outcomes for society.

Diversity and Inclusion

We champion diverse and inclusive thinking

Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve established an Advisory Council, comprising people from across the NZ group, to shape and drive positive change in every area of the business.

A speaker and event attendance series to promote and inspire Women in Leadership. This series has included speaker events from the likes of Beyonce's publicist along with a number of other local speakers and events.

Dentsu have partnered with The Mind Lab to offer one young New Zealander with Māori or Pasifika background a scholarship to the HeyFuture! course being run by the amazing folks at The Mind Lab.

Dentsu's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

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