How can brands keep pace with tomorrow's digital consumer?

Consumers call the shots. That’s the reality of the digital economy. For brands, the implications are far-reaching. Ultimately, they must engage with consumers in new ways while also re-engineer their businesses around rapidly changing needs, attitudes and behaviours.


Future Focus 2019: Searching for Trust

76% of marketers stated that trust is important to keep consumers buying their brand. 88% are making trust in their brand a priority in 2019. Learn more key findings in our study.

The Amazon Imperative: Unboxing the Everything Store

Amazon has risen to the top of every performance conversation today. With 75% of the US adult population regularly using or visiting, the site is almost always one of the key places a br...

The Omnilocal Consumer Study

The digital economy has disrupted consumer behavior in innumerable ways. Read how Mitchell's Omnilocal report maps consumers' evolving perception of 'local'.

CMO Survey 2018

Discover unique insights drawn from a global, multi-industry survey of 1,000 CMOs. Read our report to find their unique answers about how brands win in the digital economy.

The Mobile-First Consumer & The Subscription Economy

Survey that polled mobile-first consumers who subscribe to paid services. Discover the state of the subscription economy in this report.

The Coming of Generation Z

Representing up to $143 billion in buying power before the age of 22, Generation Z is a demographic that simply cannot be overlooked any longer. Learn more about the powerful generation that is inc...

The Decoding 2.0 Study

There is a need for a shift in thinking when selecting and marketing sport and lifestyle sponsorships. Learn quantitative data that brand marketers need to target consumers who are open to brand me...

Eight Brand Imperatives for Search

There has been a seismic shift in the balance of marketing power in the last ten years. Today’s consumers are more in control than ever, with unparalled access to information and to each other, and...

The Amazon Ads Playbook

eMarketer predicts that Amazon U.S. ad revenues in 2018 will total $2.35 billion, marking a 110% increase in just two years. In this playbook, Merkle shares best practices for Amazon’s key ad offer...


How can brands use emerging technology to deliver better marketing outcomes?

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How can brands build a digital society that works for everyone?

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How can brands master the growth dynamics of the digital economy?

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