Voice has been an uncharted territory for marketers. In fact, 69% of marketers believe Voice is not the “next big thing”. As 360i CEO Jared Belsky writes in his foreword, “Our industry constantly confuses revolution for evolution. So there is no confusion, Voice will be a revolution and this playbook should be an instrument to help you navigate it.” As a communications channel, Voice will affect every single aspect of the marketing ecosystem, from Search and Production to eCommerce and Data Science. 

360i’s VSM (Voice Search Monitor) research reveals that the AI algorithms behind the market’s leading Voice technologies are only getting smarter, and they’re pulling in data from all possible sources. The available knowledge pool is filling, fast. If you’re a marketer, the time to dive in is now. Don’t wait for the “Year of Voice”. It’s already here. 

Here’s a preview of topics covered in 360i’s Voice Playbook: 

  • How brands can discover and create content for their own-able white space in Voice 
  • How to re-think your brand “voice” for Voice 
  • What role discoverability should play in your Voice strategy 
  • How the Sci-Fi genre has conditioned consumer expectations surrounding Voice 
  • Lessons and learnings from 360i’s favorite Voice case studies 
  • How to actually, you know… build a skill 

Click here to download the full The Definitive Marketer’s Guide to Voice. For more information, email Voice.Playbook@360i.com.